Oter Policy

Sofreh Sepidan Company

Our mission and our vision

Sofreh Sepidan(Oter)

We believe water is not only vital to life but also critical for a sustainable future. As a result, our mission is not only providing safe mineral drinking water today, but ensuring that our drinking water sources is protected for our children and grandchildren especially in countries who are facing drought. Providing high quality drinking water enriched with essential minerals, conserving our environment to the greatest extend possible, expanding our company and using our brand to fight for water crises as well as inspire and promote environmental movements are among our top priorities and goals.

Your love to nature and consuming natural products demands your participation to save them and your support to fight against environmental crisis. We respect your values and promise to devote protecting your health as well as our beautiful planet.
We go above and beyond to make sure we add value to your business as our prestigious customers by printing your commercial brand along with your environmental slogan over our especially designed bottled. For more information, please contact our customer service team.